Fighting Back is definitely not your grandparents’ Christian fiction —  it’s bracing, and brutally honest, and there’s not a bonnet in sight! If you like action drawn from today’s headlines, realistic characters, raw emotion, biblical insights, and a touch of humor, you’ll like this book. Here is the plot summary from the back cover:

When Eddie Caruthers comes to the aid of a friend being harassed on the street, his good deed backfires. Friends, family, and church all condemn his actions.  Even worse, the man he confronted is bent on revenge, and innocent people become collateral damage in an undeclared war. With a shrinking list of allies and a growing roster of enemies, Eddie must outwit his foes and rescue the unexpected victims he finds during his quest for justice. Woven throughout the story is a thoughtful exploration of the morality of violence, the workings of temptation, and the sometimes surprising road to redemption.

And here’s what  a couple of our early reviewers had to say about it:

This compelling and important novel confronts real issues many
tiptoe around. Nonconformists and outcasts everywhere will relate
to Eddie Caruthers’s struggles to find himself and his place in a world
that seems stacked against him. John Harrison shows us that flawed
heroes can be a powerful force for good—and deserving of love,
acceptance, and forgiveness.
— Ruth Thomas-Suh
Producer and Director of the award-winning documentary film Reject: The Science of Belonging

John F. Harrison’s debut novel Fighting Back is a must-read!
— Elaine Stock
Author of Always With You

This 392-page novel will be available as a paperback, an e-book, and eventually, an audio book. Even though the official launch is not until January 2017, I’m offering some special incentives to people who pre-order it now. Be among the first to buy it before it is released, and get a signed copy, along with a discussion guide suitable for book clubs. Price is just $16.95, and shipping is FREE during this pre-order promotion. Reserve yours today!

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