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I've been a musician, a business owner, a minister, and an author. I'm still heavily involved in three of those four pursuits, and miss my music a lot. My books are about the trials and tribulations of deeply flawed people, becasue I know no other kind.

For My Writer Friends

In the wee hours of Monday morning, I received a jolt of inspiration I wanted to share. Every once in a while, I read something that reminds me of why I decided to become an author. It’s easy to lose … Continue reading

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What Do Readers Tell Their Sons?

While reading a blog post by Kathy Eden on the wisdom or lack thereof of “writing what you know,” I came across this statement: I’m highly skeptical of men trying to write women characters. I don’t know about you, but … Continue reading

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I’m with Anton

Having been raised on classical music, there are lots of composers whose work I like. But there aren’t many I can relate to. I mean it’s hard to feel much in common with someone like Mozart, a genius who wrote … Continue reading

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So How Many Scovilles is This Novel?

When it comes to reader reviews, authors of Christian fiction have it bad. Fantasy writers have it easier. So do writers of thrillers, suspense, whodunits, and historical fiction. It’s not common for someone to give to give a one-star rating … Continue reading

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All the Lonely People

Eleanor Rigby died in the church and was buried along with her name Nobody came As much as we authors like to imagine that our words are for the whole world, they’re not. Only a certain subset of readers will … Continue reading

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury

When I received the envelope stamped “Jury Service: Your Civic Duty,” I rolled my eyes. Like almost everyone I know, I’ve been getting these summonses for years, and I am never chosen to be on a jury. So the notice … Continue reading

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What Clean Means, Part 2

We ended Part 1 of this two-part post by asking a question: How is it that scripture is clean and holy, despite containing a long list of scenes and situations that wouldn’t make it past the editorial standards review at … Continue reading

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What Does “Clean” Mean?

“Just in time for Christmas! Clean, powerful, fun.” An author friend of mine wrote these words to potential buyers of his several published books. That, along with several similar ads by other Christian authors, got me thinking: What does “clean” … Continue reading

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