author-photoHello, and welcome. My name is John F. Harrison, and I do all the writing around here. I bring an eclectic background to the task,  having been a minister, a business owner, a musician, and an author.  I’m still happily involved in three out of those four pursuits, and greatly miss my music.  My highest ambition is to get up eight times after falling down seven.

I like to color outside the lines. Think outside the box. In fact, I never believed in the existence of the box. I dream of changing the world by changing the way people think. Here you will find my musings on current events, music, faith and religion, and whatever else comes to mind.

You’ll also find information on my books. I write both fiction and nonfiction. My fiction chronicles the tribulations and triumphs of deeply flawed people, because I know no other kind. Writing can be a solitary endeavor, but I don’t want to use this space to shout into the void. I’m hoping to engage with you, to have you join the conversation. I hope you’ll like what you read here, and that you’ll pull up a chair and stay awhile.