Because Destiny. Or Clerical Error.

I’ve been planning my book launch for a while now. Tuesday, February 7 would be the big day. There would be a daily countdown on this blog, and multiple events on launch day. Well, the calendar is changing. Due a clerical error my book designer made when uploading files to Amazon, Fighting Back is actually available now. Surprise!

I prefer to think that the unexpected acceleration of the schedule is becasue destiny can’t wait. That just sounds more awesome than clerical error. Whatever the reason, anyone who is in the mood can click right over to Amazon and buy it here:

I’m still going to post the series of articles that were planned for the countdown. Only now we’ll be counting down tot he release of the e-book versions, which will be up on February 7 (if the schedule holds). Print book or e-book, I know there are some 32 million titles on Amazon, with around 4,500 new ones published every day. With so many books to choose from, you might need a reason to choose mine. I’ll publish a couple of random reasons every day. Without further ado, here are today’s:

It’s Not Too Sweet  Refined sugar is out these days. (Tip of the hat to you if you are old enough to remember when “it’s not too sweet” was a jingle for Canada Dry ginger ale.) Maybe you’ve read stories with characters that are unbelievably sweet. They’re always kind, considerate, and wise. They float through life unruffled by the forces that buffet those with less faith then they have. They’re better Christians than anyone you know.  The believers in Fighting Back are sincere in their convictions, but they can struggle with putting those convictions into practice. Real people aren’t always ideal people. If you’d rather read about the trials and triumphs of imperfect people like the ones you know instead of quasi-angelic heroes, I think you’ll like this book. It’s realistic. A little bit gritty, even. Definitely not too sweet.

It’s Apolitical. You found this post via Facebook or Twitter. And let’s be honest; your social media feeds resemble a battlefield right now. Your Progressive Democrat friends are posting endless fear and loathing of the Trump administration, just like your Conservative Republican friends did throughout the Obama administration. I’ve seen right-wingers posting that they don’t understand how anyone could vote Democrat and call themselves Christian. And I’ve seen left-wingers posting that believers who voted for Trump are obviously not Christ-like. Want a book that considers deep moral issues without demonizing half the country? Check out Fighting Back.  Give yourself a break from politics. Trust me, all the Internet rage will still be here when you get back.

So there you have it! Countdown to e-book launch (currently T-minus 9) continues tomorrow with two more random reasons you might like Fighting Back. Launch day will feature a nationally-syndicated radio interview, a couple of blog appearances, and a Facebook party with some cool giveaways. Stay tuned!


About JHarrison

I've been a musician, a business owner, a minister, and an author. I'm still heavily involved in three of those four pursuits, and miss my music a lot. My books are about the trials and tribulations of deeply flawed people, becasue I know no other kind.
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