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I’m giving away a free copy of my forthcoming book — in exchange for a little help. As publication launch day approaches, I need to commission a great book cover for Fighting Back.  You may remember that I had one hastily drawn up in time to use it in last year’s book trailer. As time went by, I realized that cover wasn’t going to cut it.  It reminded many people of a Rocky kind of story, which Fighting Back definitely is not.

If you never saw it, here it is:

Fighting Back, Front cover, original

While I liked the grittiness it conveyed, I had to admit it was a bit self-published looking. I wanted a cover that was indistinguishable in quality from any book on the shelf at Barnes & Noble.Time to start over.

So I went to the good people at 1106 Design in Arizona to see if they could help.  They were the ones who’d done the cover for my nonfiction book Making Mammon Serve You, and I thought that was a home run.  Maybe lightning could strike twice?

I told them what the novel was about, in terms of both plot and theme. I let them read the first chapter, as well as the climactic scene. I supplied a dozen random quotes from other places in the book to convey its tone. I told them I wanted the cover to visually represent  the genre as well as the feel of the story. I wanted no faces on the cover, so readers could “see” the characters as they wished.

From this relatively blank slate they gave me four designs, from which I chose one to refine.  Since the primary job of the cover is to attract the  eyes of readers and invite them to pick up (or click on) the book, I thought I’d ask readers which of these cover versions they like best.

Fighting Back Cover 5

Fighting Back Cover 6

Besides the obvious difference in background color, covers 5 & 6 are very similar. In #5, the word “Back” is in white, and opaque, while in #6 it’s black, and you can “see through” to the stairway beneath. In #5, the church silhouette is black, while in #6 it’s the same as the swatch of background color.

And then there’s this one. Cover 7 is like Cover 6 with a different background color, and the author name occupies one line of type instead of two.

Fighting Back Cover 7

So which of these speaks to you? Do you have a clear favorite?  Would you mix and match, say, the steeple from one with the background color or author name font of another? Vote in the comments below. One voter will be randomly chosen to receive a free signed copy of the book when it goes to print! Thanks in advance for your feedback.




About JHarrison

I've been a musician, a business owner, a minister, and an author. I'm still heavily involved in three of those four pursuits, and miss my music a lot. My books are about the trials and tribulations of deeply flawed people, becasue I know no other kind.
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10 Responses to Picture This

  1. Suzanne Neubauer says:

    I like the color scheme of Cover 6; however, I like the author name from Cover 7.

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  2. Jeff Davis says:

    I’m going with 6. No intelligent reason, I just prefer it.

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  3. Meghan says:

    I’m going to complicate things; cover 5 spoke to me. Can’t articulate why; just like the yellow and the BACK with the steeple seemed highlighted, which I liked.

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  4. Willis McCleary says:

    I am going with #5 I like the color scheme better and the church stands out more.

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  5. Jenni says:

    All very nice but #5 is my favorite. I think the moment of first glance is so important and #5 is the one that draws my eyes towards it the most.

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  6. Vicki White says:

    Definitely cover 5! Congratulations!

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  7. Bryan Ray says:

    I love 5! Like the colors and the steeple. I’m excited to get your book Bro. Harrison!

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  8. Amy Just says:

    I found design #5 drew me in the most, but I preferred the look of your name on #7.

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  9. Karen says:

    LOVE IT!!

    On #5, I really like the white “BACK” and black steeple, very striking visually. My eye it drawn to the steeple right away; it clearly communicates the Christian focus of your book. On the other covers, the steeple is much harder to see and may not be noticed at all with a quick glance.

    For your name, I like the single line of text on #7, but think it’s too understated in comparison to the boldness of the rest of the cover. I created a hybrid with the top of #5 and the name from #7 to test this, which I can share with you. #5 name is the winner.

    Tough call between the burnt yellow and orange background colors, but I think the burnt yellow wins. Somehow has a grittier feel than the orange.

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  10. Doris Brown says:

    I would have to say Cover 5 as well. Good Luck and God Bless.

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